Engadget Tours Dyson’s Headquarters

Engadget got a pretty in-depth tour of Dyson’s Headquarters in England. These are the kind of articles that give you faith in people running companies. A company that is spending good money to keep ahead and in the lead in their market segment. While it is a tough pill to swallow, $500 plus dollars for a vacuum, it is undeniable that they have some great engineering.

Another great part of the article is that they do so much to treasure previous engineering feats. These are from the pioneers who advanced our knowledge to where it is now. It also is great when companies spend some of the massive profits they make, to keep old historical things going. Whether it is Dyson and some old jets or Norfolk Southern Railroad helping to keep a steam engine running.

Enough of my rambling, go read the article yourself: https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/14/dyson-hq-tour/