Apple Watch bands only available as collections

Rene Ritchie at iMore has an article up that is sure to rile the Apple haters and make the latent Apple complainers reach fever pitch. It seems that when the Apple Watch goes on sale in a few days you will not be able to mix and match and create your own watch combo. This is not to say you cannot buy alternate bands for your watch, but the base watch body will come with a predetermined band from Apple. I’m sure this will be touted as an injustice and have papers drafted making this a war crime.

But is it?

One thing people seem to misunderstand is that when you buy something that is higher end or designer, you are buying their vision, their design. Apple is trying to play off this high design style with the watch which is why you at the very least have to buy into their vision of what the watch “should” look like.

Those that will complain are those that think the Burger King slogan of “Have it your way” is the only correct answer. They don’t stop to think, if you go to a high end restaurant you are going there because of the chef’s creations. Why would you spend that much money only to tell the man with the pedigree that you are paying to dazzle you, how to cook your food? It would be the same as hiring Picasso to paint a painting for you and then tell him not to use blue, because you don’t like it.

And if you think I’m incorrect, go to your local Target or Walmart and ask to buy a $30 Timex watch with the band of your choosing. I’m pretty sure they will tell you it comes with a band. Then visit your local jeweler and try to buy a Citizen with your choice of band. That option doesn’t exist either.


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