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Ultramax Ammunition Mini-Review

If you don’t know what Ultramax Ammunition is this is for you.  I’m sure you will see it in stock everywhere while wondering why all other ammo is out of stock.  Here is why.  It is commercially reloaded ammunition.  Now this isn’t a bad thing, and is probably safer than doing it yourself with sub-standard tools.  But as with everything there are drawbacks.

I had purchased this ammo because I was receiving my Citadel 1911 and had nothing to shoot in it.  Every store in the area was out of all ammo in .45 ACP, but this stuff happened to be in stock at Dicks Sporting Goods.  Rather than having nothing to shoot, I figured this was a safe bet to at least check the function of the gun.

First off the ammo tested was Ultramax reload chambered for .45 ACP 230 grain lead hardball.  The ammo casings were from numerous manufacturers including Remington, Winchester, and Speer.  Most every casing looked new with only a few having a minor dent on the case.  Overall length of the cartridges seemed a bit shallow, but consistent.  These were eyeball measurements as I didn’t have a set of calipers out at the range.

Firing the ammo was non-eventful.  It functioned as it should with no FTF or FTE on the 1911.  It does seem to be loaded lighter compared to Speer Lawman 230g FMJ and some Winchester White Box 185g FMJ.  My only complaint really is the powder they use.  This stuff is smokey.  When firing the gun it almost looked as if a civil war re-enactment was going on at my stall on the range.   And with that smoke comes a lot of grime.  The gun was filthy when I got it home.  This was after 150 rounds of the Ultramax and 50 rounds of Winchester White Box.  Conversely looking at my friends 1911, a Les Baer, after he shot 200 rounds of Speer Lawman, the gun was pretty clean.

Verdict:  There is nothing wrong with this ammo.  It is just nothing special.  If you run out and need something for a day at the range by all means go for it, you will still have fun.  Just be sure to clean your piece when you get home.  It will need it.