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Possible New Apple Wireless Keyboard

AppleInsider has some screenshots and details accidentally posted to Apple’s Czech web store. It seems to have keys that indicate that the keyboard maybe backlit. I for one would welcome a backlit keyboard, though many don’t see the utility. As someone who likes to use darker screen themes, combined with working late; the dim glow of keys would be great.

Possible New Apple Wireless Keyboard
Possible New Apple Wireless Keypad – Courtesy of Apple Insider


Many others speculate the use of the new butterfly style key switches, but what would be the reason? I’m sure they cost more than standard ones and there is no push to make the wireless keyboard thinner.

Give me a backlit keyboard and a touchpad with force touch built into it and I’ll be happy. Granted at this point I wouldn’t spend another $150 to replace what works perfectly now. Then again, this old iMac 2010 is getting a bit long in the tooth. Retina iMac anyone?

Link: Apple Insider – New Apple Wireless Keyboard