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Norfolk Southern’s 30th Anniversary and Heritage Fleet Day

Norfolk Southern's 30th AnniversaryOn July 3rd and 4th Norfolk Southern held a 30th anniversary celebration at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer NC. As part of this celebration they have painted 20 of their newest locomotives in the livery’s of their predecessor railroads grouped into the three “families”; Norfolk and Western, Southern Railroad, and Conrail.

This is a seemingly once in a lifetime occasion where all 20 of the locomotives will be in one place and will be as clean and spotless as they will ever be. I decided to brave the 95+ degree southern summer on the 4th and brought the camera along. Horrible sunburn and eight bottles of water later produced the pictures in the gallery below. Kudos to Norfolk Southern for spending the time and money to pay homage to the lines that pre-date it and also for organizing an event that allowed rail fans and railroad families a chance to see these masterpieces up close.

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