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The Macalope takes on Apple Watch Fail

It should be no surprise that the Apple Watch doomsayers are taking are getting whipped up into a frenzy as the launch grows imminent. While I don’t think it will be the runaway success that is the iPhone or the steady sales category of the iPad, it will make a splash and sell in large enough quantities to be worth while to Apple.

My favorite line from the piece in regards to the oft misquoted 2.5 hours of application time:

This is not so much baloney as it is pimento loaf. Some people actually like baloney. No one likes pimento loaf.

I’m not sure why people think that they will be staring and playing with the watch for hours on end. After the initial fun time of it where you explore new apps and features most will use it like a regular watch or fitness band. It will sit there doing nothing but collecting data and waking up occasionally to alert you to something.

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