Mountain Lion Available

After repeatedly clicking the buy button and seeing every Mac AppStore error available the Mountain Lion download has begun. Its saturating my connection completely so no problems there.

All apps have been updated thus far, and a Carbon Copy Clone made of my system disk.

Hopefully this is as uneventful as the Lion upgrade. Now just to remember to copy the installer to a thumb drive so I don’t have to download it a second time from my MacBook Air.

More to come!

UPDATE: After about 45 to 50 minutes, my iMac rebooted (albeit slowly) and everything is good to go. One thing I did notice is that my default brightness on the screen was maxed out and with a 27 inch iMac one could get sunburn. Otherwise so far everything seems to work just fine, and actually feels a tad bit snappier and looks just a bit crisper. Maybe its just me.

One thing I’m not too fond of if the new look of the dock. The less translucent frosted glass doesn’t really bother me, but the almost disappearance of the running application “lights” looks like someone could measure pixels right and cut off the screen.

UPDATE 2: Been a good portion of the afternoon and no noticeable problems thus far. Wasn’t at home for a bit, Mac went to sleep and woke right back up. A bit disappointing that no programs I have are iCloud saving enabled, but that does give me a reason to finally purchase Pages.

UPDATE 3: It seems that Apple has fixed a bug that was driving me nuts. In Lion, a Safari child process, WebProcess, would end up eating up memory. My RSS reader which used a web view also would do the same eating up a gigabyte or more of memory. Now both will increase memory as tabs are opened and reduce it as the close. Well done!

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