Microsoft keeping quiet on Windows 10 patch contents

Since I’ve upgraded my work laptop to Windows 10, Microsoft has released a few cumulative patches that have addressed not only security updates, but addressing bugs that surfaced since release day. Having done the upgrade that Saturday of the release week, these cumulative updates have done a good job of cleaning up bugs in the OS.

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Peter Bright at ArsTechnica has a quick write up detailing the fact that Microsoft has been quiet regarding the contents of these updates. I’ve noticed as well that these large updates change a lot of files and don’t detail what other fixes are included. This is definitely frustrating when you have a bug in the OS that you hope is being fixed. I don’t think anyone is expecting a explicitly granular release note list. Some sort of indication would be nice that an issue is fixed, whether the list or a closed issue in the feedback app.

As an aside, if you are using Windows 10 and having issues the feedback application in the OS is invaluable. You can report new bugs and issues or up-vote existing ones that pertain to your issue. Just hit the start menu and type in ‘feedback.’ This will give you a link to a Trusted Store App that will allow you to enter issues.

Ars Technica Link: Microsoft has no plans to tell us what’s in Windows patches

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