The life of a long haul trucker

American over the road truck

This interesting article by esquire takes a look at a Canadian trucker who makes his living riding the roads of the U.S. And Canada. Always an interesting view of life on the road.

In an interesting twist he bashes the commercial driving regulations of the states, since he has to rake more breaks and be on the road less. It definitely goes against the usual narrative that the U.S. Is beholden to corporate interests and overworking people versus our neighbor to the north.

The fuel issue is one of economics I don’t think he gets as well. In the U.S. There is no reason for us to include additives, that are probably bad for the environment, in our fuel in that it never gets to negative 40 here ( in most areas). I would surely never buy warm weather fuel if I was heading to the frozen north. Sounds like certain death to me. The grueling life of a long haul trucker

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